GSL 2015-16 Annual Report

Thanks to Last Year’s Annual Fund Chairs for a Banner Year!

Eleanor & Bubba Halliday alongside Nicki Soulé & Andy Nix led GSL supporters in raising $279,740.56 in unrestricted donations during the 2015-2016 annual fund drive, the highest total since the ’06-’07 pre-recession campaign and nearly $50,000 more than this year’s $230,000 goal. Combine that with restricted gifts of $62,710.20, and this year’s annual fund generated a grand total of $342,450.76!

The community that is GSL Episcopal School values its own distinctive culture: its sense of extended family, place in Midtown, relationship with the church, partnership with teachers, and many friendships. It is this sense of purpose, belonging, and commitment that leads so many to support the Annual Fund. In fact, 71% of GSL’s parents contributed to the 2015-2016 Annual Fund.

It’s important to note that grandparents are also significant contributors to GSL’s Annual Fund. Donations from grandparents totaled $107,771 this year - 39% of our total dollars raised.

GSL continues to be one the Mid-South’s most accomplished schools, providing its students with a foundation – an anchor – for life. The school’s achievements, however, are made possible primarily because of its people: its faculty and staff, of course, but also because of its families and its parental leadership. Thank you for your support – with an extra hearty thanks for the leadership of our Annual Fund chairs: Eleanor & Bubba and Nicki & Andy!

Thanks to our Parents’ Association

We must also give extra credit to our hardworking Parents’ Association (P.A.) for another fabulous fundraising year. Under the expert leadership of President Michelle Couch (mom of Caroline, ‘16, and Emma ’19), volunteers worked tirelessly all year to organize and host special events for students, faculty, and families – and to raise money for GSL’s Teacher Wish Lists. This year, the organization raised a grand total of $71,503 to benefit GSL!

Some of the most profitable projects of 2015-2016 included (net):

  • Anchor Auction (chaired by Alison Pisahl & Nicole Taylor) - $48,276
  • Fall Fundraiser (chaired by Kathleen Behnke & Jeni Linkous) - $12,161
  • Spirit Wear (chaired by Lisa Buckner, Carol Seamons & Joye Kowalski) - $4,263
  • School Supplies (chaired by Ashley Tobias & Eleanor Halliday) - $2,944
  • Box Tops (chaired by Allyson Campbell, Angie Young & Christina Ross) - $1,840
  • Book Fair (chaired by Christina Ross, Kathy Ferguson & Mary Royer Hays) - $2,019

The GSL Alumni Association also enjoyed a memorable year, chaired (again) by Billy Schaffer ’84, father of Bella, ’15 and Avery, ‘17. The Alumni Corner was installed during his watch, and it continues to grow as commemorative plaques are added to the brick wall every year following graduation. (Note: after four years at the helm, Mr. Schaffer has stepped aside for the new chair, Ann Burruss Prascher ’98.

Class Participation:

8th Grade - 77%
7th Grade - 80%
6th Grade - 74%
5th Grade - 80%
4th Grade - 78%
3rd Grade - 84%
2nd Grade - 73%
1st Grade - 81%
SK - 52%
JK - 60%
PK - 60%
LL - 55%

Number of Lead Donors (gifts of $500 or more): 153

2015-2016 Grace-St. Luke’s Donors

This report reflects total, cumulative gifts made by donors to the Annual Fund from August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016. Any payments received after July 31, 2016, will be acknowledged in the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If any errors or omissions are discovered, please contact the Development Department by calling 901-278-0200 or by e-mailing Denise Taylor: dtaylor [at] gslschool [dot] org.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the following contributors to the Annual Fund.

Please click here for the list of donors.