GSL 2016-17 Annual Report

News from the News

Suzanne & Erick New Proclaim, “The Annual Fund Surpassed its Goal (Again)!”

Suzanne & Erick New are the latest Annual Fund chairs to lead GSL supporters in surpassing the school’s  fundraising goal with $291,306.82 in unrestricted donations (a bonus of more than $41,300)! Combine this with restricted contributions of $34,818.27, and the Annual Fund generated a grand total of $326,125.09!

  • 100% of the faculty and staff made donations.
  • 100% of the Board of Trustees made donations.
  • 68% of GSL’s parents contributed to the 2016-2017 Annual Fund.

Class Participation:

LL - 38%

PK - 38%

JK - 50%

SK - 68%

1st - 84% 

2nd - 76%

3rd - 78%

4th - 88%

5th - 76%

6th - 70%

7th - 67%

8th - 81%

TOTAL - 68% 

  • 22% of the total dollars raised came from grandparents, contributing $63,325.
  • GSL had 158 lead donors, giving $500 or more.

GSL continues to be one the Mid-South’s most accomplished schools, providing its students with a foundation – an anchor – for life. The school’s achievements, however, are made possible primarily because of its people: its faculty and staff, of course, but also its families and parental leadership. Thank you for your support – with an extra hearty thanks for Suzanne and Erick New!

Parents’ Association: Fun and fundraising go hand-in-hand

We must also give extra credit to our hardworking Parents’ Association (P.A.) for another fabulous fundraising year. Under the expert leadership of President Christina Ross (mother of Lucian, 2nd grade, and wife of David Hanson) volunteers worked tirelessly all year to organize and host special events for students, faculty, and families – and raise money for GSL’s Teacher Wish Lists. This year, the organization raised a grand total of $71,503 to benefit GSL!                                                                                                                                                 

Some of the most profitable projects of 2016-2017 included (net):  

  • Anchor Auction (chaired by Cindy Brewer & Kelley Morice) - $48,276
  • Wrapping Paper Sales (chaired by Kathleen Behnke & Lauren Scrugham) - $12,161
  • Spirit Wear (chaired by Brooke Shannon & Jennifer Johnston) - $4,263
  • School Supplies (chaired by Eleanor Halliday & Ashley Tobias) - $2,944
  • Box Tops (chaired by Allyson Campbell & Angie Young): $1,840
  • Book Fair (chaired by Kathy Ferguson & Emily Halpern): $2,019

In addition to its donation to the school’s endowment, the PA purchased numerous items for Teacher Wish Lists, including: 36 chromebooks, 22+ ipads, Lower School flexible seating (stability balls, small chairs, etc.), interactive table, Mac computer upgrades, SK supplies for its sewing curriculum, Preschool manipulatives (LEGO boards, alphabet sets, magna doodles, kinetic sand, etc.). 

Alumni Association: Mini reunions set the stage for “The Big One” in May

The GSL Alumni Association also enjoyed a memorable year, chaired (again) by Billy Schaffer ’84 (father of Bella ’15 and Avery ’17). Well-attended get-togethers were held at Loflin Yard and Lafayette’s Music Room as the Alumni Board began making plans for “The Big One,” which will be held May 11, 2018. Ann Burruss Prascher ’98 (wife of alumnus Will Prascher ’01) assumed the role of alumni board president in the late spring. She will help direct final planning for the reunion.

Meanwhile, the Alumni Corner continues to grow as commemorative plaques are added to the brick wall every year following graduation. Twenty new plaques were added in July!

2016-17 Grace-St. Luke’s Donors

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the contributors to the Annual Fund. 

Please click here for the list of donors.