Learn through laughter, creativity, and play.

From preschool through 8th grade, GSL provides students with a strong educational and moral foundation to prepare them for today's global and interactive world.

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2 Years Old - 8th Grade

Age 2 Through 8th Grade

GSL's Preschool program is play-based, allowing students to learn as they explore the world around them.

From SK through 4th grade, Lower School provides a foundation of high academic achievement with a curriculum designed to build a strong basis of concepts and skills.

While academics are the primary focus of Middle School, we know that education must be broader, deeper, and richer if we prepare the whole child.

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"My children attended GSL. I have a deep love for the school and its values. GSL is an anchor for my family on many levels." 

Laura Lemly Willis, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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“SK is a special place because we design our lessons/activities/curriculum around our individual students, rather than trying to force students to “keep up” with the pacing guides. I also love the faculty at GSL. Everyone is so caring and personable…we are such a family. I am so proud of the experience that we give our students, from LL-8th grade. I am so PROUD to be part of this family!”

Kirsten Horton, SK Teacher

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“Our Middle School is unique because we successfully combine a challenging curriculum while teaching children values. We try to put students on the road to being the best they can be in every facet of life. I feel honored to teach at GSL.  Every day holds the possibility of igniting a child’s imagination, challenging a child’s intellect, and helping every child to know s/he has value.”

Lyn Forsyth, Middle School Teacher


Why GSL?

Since 1947, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, students, and friends have chosen Grace-St. Luke's. From the warm, inclusive community to the vigorous academic program, learn more about why people continue to choose GSL to serve as their Anchor for Life.

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