Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Is Having A Seat At The Table Inclusion Is Having A Voice And Belonging Is Having That Voice Be Heard  Liz Fosslien Author

How do we support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? By continually evolving…

At Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School, we believe that a learning environment that includes diverse viewpoints and backgrounds is essential to a complete educational experience and will serve as an anchor for the leaders of tomorrow.  Rooted in our Episcopal identity, we embrace, respect, and celebrate diversity, and strive for all members of our community to have a sense of belonging.

2020-21 DEI Committee 
Carol Buchman ~ Kirsten Horton ~ Mallory Key ~ Ariel Laws ~ Amy Lee ~ Deborah Lowe ~ Kelse Mathews ~ Sarah Ranson ~ Leslie Reddick ~ Gretchen Riem ~ Juan Roncal ~ Jeanette Walton ~ Jan Willis ~ Marci Woodmansee

A Celebration of Diversity & Inclusion in GSL's Library

At GSL, we're excited about, and thankful for, an inclusive library, as well as classrooms that support and encourage diverse books and viewpoints.

Enjoy this video, which features how GSL's Library promotes Diversity & Inclusion!