Board of Trustees 2019-20

Liz Keough, President
Paul Morris, Vice-President
Scott Crosby, Secretary
Melanie Schrank, Assistant Secretary
Sharon Shipley, Treasurer
Ryan Gibbs, Assistant Treasurer
Doug Duncan, Past President

Emily Callahan
Margaret McLean
Luis Orbegoso
Ruth Patton
Lauri Prather
Lauren Taylor
Anneliese Watts
Casey West
Ken Woodmansee

Thor Kvande, Head of School
The Reverend Ollie Rencher, Rector
Simon Wadsworth, Senior Warden
Mandy Chauhan, Parents’ Association President

Strategic Plan: Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School’s latest Strategic Plan, Balancing Innovation and Tradition, was approved by the Board in the spring of 2018 and is the result of contributions from all facets of our amazing community. Grace-St. Luke’s is a unique school and this plan reflects our special community.

As a school, we have more than 70 years of work and ministry in Memphis. We have grown and changed over the years, yet remain true to the essentials of our community, deeply connected to our Episcopal tradition of knowing about, caring for, and developing the potential within each student. We are confident this strategic plan will serve GSL well as we plan for the future.