“An Academic Foundation”


From senior kindergarten through fourth grade, the Lower School continues the tradition of educating the whole child while broadening their experiences in all areas. We provide a foundation of high academic achievement with a curriculum designed to build a strong basis of concepts and skills. We include activities to help students develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Our small class sizes allow teachers to carefully monitor student progress and respond to their individual needs–from needing additional challenges to requiring a little extra help in mastering certain concepts. Throughout Lower School, teachers nurture divergent thinking and encourage children to express their own ideas and draw conclusions from them. 

Our teachers are flexible so they can respond to spontaneous enthusiasm on a particular topic. They teach and practice tolerance of–and appreciation for–differing points of view. 

While the five years in Lower School are packed with fun, engaging activities, students are also intentionally being prepared for success with the accelerated learning in Middle School.