The Power of Play

Fire Engine1

Little Lukers (Age 2 by June 1)
Pre-Kindergarten (Age 3 by June 1)
Junior Kindergarten (Age 4 by June 1) 

Ask students who attend Preschool at Grace-St. Luke’s what they do all day, and they’ll likely say “play.” They’re exactly right! GSL’s Preschool is play-based, allowing students to learn as they explore the world around them. We believe this is how a child's first school experience should unfold. Rather than a pencil and paper environment, GSL's Preschool is a loving, lively center of activity where children learn by doing, sharing, and experiencing.

Guided by our Formative Five curriculum that emphasizes the importance of empathy, self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit, our Preschool program helps launch children on their educational journey by creating kind and inquisitive lifelong learners. 

Located in the quaint home known as Miss Lee’s after the original Preschool program founded there in 1924 (nearly 100 years ago!), GSL’s Preschool is nestled on the east end of the school’s campus, directly adjacent to our Anchor Center building, and features both a playground and outdoor classroom/garden in addition to eight classrooms and a tinker lab/maker space. Come visit and see how we play and learn! 

For more information, email Head of Preschool Cynthia Burnett (cburnett [at] gslschool [dot] org) or Director of Enrollment Shelly McGuire (smcguire [at] gslschool [dot] org) today.