"The Power of Play"

Grace St Luke Lookbook 46A7704

Ask students who attend Preschool at Grace-St. Luke’s what they do all day, and they’ll likely say they “play.” They’re exactly right, too. GSL’s Preschool is play-based, allowing students to learn as they explore the world around them. We believe this is how their first school experience should be. 

Rather than a pencil and paper environment, we are a lively center where children learn by doing, sharing and experiencing. Our program helps launch children into the world of education with high self esteem and the skills they will need for the next stage of their academic journey.

Located in the quaint home named “Miss Lee’s” after the original Preschool program, GSL’s Preschool is nestled on the east end of the school’s campus. Children age two by June 1 attend a Little Lukers class, while three-year-olds attend Pre-Kindergarten and four-year olds are in Junior Kindergarten.