Caring for the Environment - Grades LL, 3, and 6

Using our Episcopal identity as a foundation, students are encouraged to care for and support God’s green Earth. The mission of the formative five goes beyond humans to support both animals and the environment.

Little Lukers Feeding the Birds

When: April

What: The youngest GSL students learn to support the environment by creating bird feeders to be placed around the school and community. 

Curriculum: After reading a variety of books and talking about different birds and their needs during the spring, they use their creative skills to make bird feeders that will provide food for our feathered friends.

3rd Grade Humane Society Read-a-Thon

Student Reading to a Dog

When: Spring

What: Putting their love of animals and oral reading skills to good use, 3rd graders travel to the Humane Society of Memphis to read to the dogs waiting for adoption. 

Curriculum: Students discover research has shown that when dogs are read to, they become more familiar with the sounds of humans and have reduced anxiety. In addition, students are able to practice literacy skills and develop empathy.





6th Grade Respect for Water

When: Spring

What: After learning about the importance of clean water, students will adopt several storm drains surrounding GSL and increase public awareness of the importance of water run-off. By literally getting their hands dirty by cleaning the areas around the storm drains and seeing the impact of litter, students gain both an understanding of and appreciation for clean water. 

Curriculum: This interdisciplinary project combines the book A Long Walk to Water read in English class with learning about the water cycle in science lab.