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GSL’s Preschool focuses on the importance of play in young children's learning. With time allocated for child-led play with carefully chosen materials, GSL Preschool students have the opportunity to explore, examine, and enrich their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them, providing them with a solid foundation for future learning.

Lower School

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GSL's Lower School includes Senior Kindergarten through 4th grade. Teachers place a high value on academic achievement while recognizing the developmental needs of each individual child. Students attend co-curricular subjects with trained teachers in the disciplines of art, music, science, computer, library, Spanish, and physical education.

Middle School

The Middle School is an environment rich with opportunities for exploration, leadership, achievement, and self-discovery. Always focused on supporting the whole child, we provide an academically rigorous program that also fosters each student's social and emotional growth throughout adolescence.