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The Middle School is an environment rich with opportunities for exploration, leadership, achievement, and self-discovery. Always focused on supporting the whole child, we provide an academically rigorous program that also fosters each student's social and emotional growth throughout adolescence. Our program is accredited by SAIS-SACS, with a student-teacher ratio of 9:1 and almost 200 students enrolled annually. 

  • We have multiple sections in Grades 5-8, and each student has a homeroom teacher (5th grade) or advisor (grades 6-8).
  • School begins at 8:00 am (students may arrive as early as 7:00). Dismissal is at 3:10 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and at 2:25 on Wednesday.
  • Students wear uniforms as part of our dress code.
  • Students eat in the cafeteria every day, and may bring their own lunch or purchase as needed. 
  • After School Care runs from dismissal until 6:00 pm, and a variety of enrichment options are available for those who are interested.
  • Students attend chapel services twice a week (on Tuesday and Thursday) and an all-school Celebration every Friday.

Curriculum: Students receive instruction in English, history, science, mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry), foreign language (Latin or Spanish), physical education, and the arts. Our English curriculum includes vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, creative and expository writing, and literature. Click here for detailed list of our curriculum and offerings. Click here to download our Developing Roots & Wings presentation for Middle School parents that offers more details about our programs and your child.

Athletics: Our athletics program offers football, volleyball cross country, basketball, tennis, track, golf, baseball, softball, and swimming.

Arts: Our arts program offers students the opportunity to express themselves in visual media and in performance. Student art work is regularly entered in local competitions, and our plays and musicals are well attended and have a high level of participation.

Special Programs

In the fall, Middle School students head off-campus for a daylong retreat to build class unity and strengthen relationships with peers and faculty. In late spring, the students go on three- to five-day overnight trips as a capstone experience for the school year. Fifth grade travels to an outdoor educational center in Alabama; sixth grade goes to New Orleans; seventh grade travels to Chicago; and the eighth graders go whitewater rafting on the Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers of North Carolina. Students make lifelong memories on these trips and cite them as their best experiences at GSL.

Middle School students develop leadership skills through participation in the Honor Society, Student Council, Honor Council, or Thespian Society.

Eighth graders have two additional leadership initiatives to complete as part of their graduating year: 8th Grade Chapel Talks and 8th Grade Internships. In the Chapel Talks program, every 8th grader must write an essay about their experience at GSL, which they deliver in front of the entire school at chapel. In the Internships program, 8th graders secure a three-day internship at a local business, and then prepare a written report and visual display to present in front of the entire school. Please click here for more info on our 8th Grade Internship Program.

High School Placement

The Head of Middle School and the Director of Admissions help parents with high school placement, beginning early during their final year at GSL. Our sought-after graduates attend the best public and independent secondary schools in Memphis, as well as boarding schools, and enjoy successful high school careers, thanks to our strong foundation.
Click here for details about where our students go after GSL.