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Grades 5-8

Students take English, history, science, mathematics (pre-algebra and algebra), foreign language (Latin or Spanish), physical education and performing arts (see list by grade below*).

Language arts study transitions from Lower School to 5th grade with a continuation of Imagine It! and Wordly Wise. In 6th grade, English becomes a literature-based program, using the Holt Reader and Vocabulary Workshop as the main texts for instruction. The English curriculum includes vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, creative and expository writing, and literature.

Math transitions from the Everyday Math to a traditional math program that leads into pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry for 7th and 8th grade. Science is based on Glencoe texts, with weekly experiments in two brand-new science labs for hands-on experience. The school's new greenhouse will be another venue for experimentation and research.

Students continue Spanish in 5th and 6th grade; in 7th they choose to continue on with Spanish or begin Latin for the final two years of Middle School. The 7th and 8th grade language courses provide the rough equivalent of a 1st year high school course, so graduating students may potentially begin their foreign language at Level 2 when they begin high school.

Grace-St. Luke's provides laptop computers on mobile carts for use in the Middle School classrooms. These computers operate within the school's wireless network. There are additional desktop computers available for student use in the classrooms and in the school library. Students in Middle School are taught keyboarding, word processing and other computer literacy skills, so that by the time they graduate they are comfortably interacting with today's technology on a daily basis.

As an Episcopal School, Grace-St. Luke’s has a special religion curriculum for Middle School that enables students to apply Biblical and spiritual values fostered in the Lower School to circumstances of contemporary life. Bible is taught in sixth grade, World Religions in seventh, and Ethics in eighth. Additionally, students learn about character through the Middle School’s Traits for Success program that focuses on core values applicable in school and life. Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of values important to them and to grow in understanding their own faith.

List by Grade Level

5th Grade 
Trimester Rotation: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Computer/Music 
Physical Education

6th Grade 
Language Arts 
Science: Earth Science 
Ancient History 
Trimester Rotation: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Computer 
Physical Education

7th Grade 
Pre-Algebra or Algebra
Latin 1A or Spanish 1A 
American History to Civil War 
Science: Life Science 
Trimester Rotation: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and World Religions 
Physical Education

8th Grade 
Algebra 1A, Algebra 1, Honors Algebra, or Geometry
Latin 1B or Spanish 1B 
American History since Civil War 
Science: Physical Science and Chemistry 
Trimester Rotation: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Ethics 
Physical Education