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Testimonials from Alumni & Parents

"Today, my daughter was chosen to be recognized during St. George's high school chapel as an outstanding artist! The acknowledgment of all the different activities that she had the opportunity to participate in at GSL (from theater to cheer to internships, etc.) was a huge compliment to GSL as a school. My daughter graduated from 8th grade with work ethic and confidence, and she has taken high school by the reins! Kudos to the teachers at GSL for a great foundation!" - Tiffany White, alumna and parent. September 2014

"We are moving to Austin and will soon have our last day at GSL. I am flooded with emotion and memories as I write this and think back on our 12 years here. We are sad to be leaving this community, joyful as we recollect so many memories, but what I feel most of all is overwhelming gratitude. Gratitude for the treasure that is GSL, for the community of faculty and families, but mostly for the contribution that each of you has made in helping raise our kids. They are who they are, but they are richer, deeper, more thoughtful individuals for having been touched by you. They are excited to go to school every day. This decade has been rich beyond measure, and you have prepared us well for our next chapter. Much love to all.  - Lacy Apperson, former parent, May 2013

"Working at another local private high school, I see students who come to us from various lower and middle school backgrounds. I am consistently impressed by the academic and social preparation that GSL students have had. They are instilled with a love of learning, outstanding writing skills, and in some ways, most importantly, they are really nice kids." - Prospective parent, Aug 2014

"Since the beginning at Miss Lee's, GSL has been a terrific place for our son. It is obvious that you all are very well-prepared and that the [year-end] trips are an amazing experience for the kids. It is just this kind of holistic approach that has impressed me most about GSL. While the academics are outstanding, it is the school's ability to allow and encourage each student to become his or her own best individual self that I marvel at most." - Rick Neal, parent

"It was nice to come to GSL and work with teachers who are so accessible over email, and do such a great job of sending weekly reminders. I am much more informed than I was at our former school!" - Dawn Rapoport, parent

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about GSL! As an alumna, I couldn’t wait to send our children to Miss Lee’s. The teachers are hands on and work with the parents if there are any concerns (i.e. potty training!). Our teacher keeps the website up to date and posts class pictures, books read and songs sung on a daily basis. They truly feel like a family! From experience, I know that feeling lasts forever (I am friends with most of my past teachers on Facebook!)." 
- Amanda Adams, alumna and parent