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Letter to Mentors

Thank you for considering participating in the 8th Grade Independent Internship project this year at Grace-St. Luke’s. This project was created to give our 8th graders a chance to use the skills they are learning in real-world settings, and to help them begin to think about possible career paths as they continue their educational journey. Back when I was in high school, I had the opportunity to intern for a month at the Annenberg Theater at the University of Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about theater and how things worked behind the scenes. Even more, I gained a great deal of confidence and independence from this experience. While I did not ultimately pursue theater as a career, I discovered a lot about the business and myself.

Our hope is that these internships will spark similar revelations in our 8th graders. We want them to develop their leadership skills and independence while applying their classroom learning to the world of work. The 8th Grade Internship Project is a signature program for GSL, and an exceptional and innovative opportunity for Middle School students.

Some answers to questions you may have: Students will be graded on the steps leading up to the final product, but the final product will be evaluated by the community at large, including students, teachers, and parents. Just as in the real world of work, the evaluation will be peers and superiors commenting on the student’s efforts. We want the students to focus more on the process of preparing for the project and completing the internship rather than producing a final presentation for a letter grade. This is an invaluable experience for all of our students. We could not do it without your support, and we thank you!

Thor A. Kvande
Head of School

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Many thanks to the businesses who have participated as mentors in previous years:

Animal Health Clinic 
Ardent Studios 
Big River Engineering 
Breakaway Running 
Butler Snow Law 
Central Animal Clinic 
Dogs Rule 
Donati Law 
Eclectic Eye
Dr. Ford - Anesthesiology 
GiGi's Bakery 
Hernando Headstart 
Hnedak Bobo 
Dr. Huber - Dermatology 
Humane Society 
Hutchison Choreographer/Project Motion 
Joel Johnson - Engineering 
John Harrison Jones, Architect 
Justine Magazine 
Lee Pruitt Interior Design 
Maria Montesorri 
Martin Music 
Memphis College of Art 
Memphis Zoo 
Dr. Misoli - Orthopedics 
Muddy's Bakery 
Outdoors, Inc. 
Simple Organizing Solutions
Speak Creative 
Stovall Collection 
Sweet CeCe's 
Tioga - Environmental Engineering 
U of M Athletic Department 
Wells Fargo