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Sarah Ranson

7th Grade History/8th Grade Ethics
Appointment 2013
B.A. University of Memphis
M.L.A. Washington University in St. Louis

Email: sranson [at] gslschool [dot] org

A proud native Memphian, Sarah Ranson attended the University of Memphis where she earned a B.A. in both history and political science.  After teaching history in Durham Public Schools in Durham, North Carolina, Sarah went on to earn a Masters in Liberal Studies from Washington University in St. Louis where she concentrated in philosophy and art history.  Outside of GSL, Sarah loves to be outside and to spend time with her husband and two children who also attend GSL.

6th Grade World History

Welcome to world history! This year we will continue to Journey Across Time as we learn about civilizations of the past.

Students will study several cultures of the ancient world as well as more modern cultures closer to our own.  Along the way we will focus on overarching questions such as:

  • What made a civilization successful?
  • What made it different?
  • What can we learn from it today? 

Throughout our studies we will work on knowledge of world geography, writing and critical thinking skills, and creative ways of engaging the past. 

Find your assignments for world history here.

7th Grade U.S. History

Welcome to U.S. history!

This course explores the history of America from its beginnings through the Civil War. Along the way students will develop historical thinking skills, note-taking ability, and knowledge of both historical and modern American geography.

Find your assignments for U.S. history here.