Elderly - Grades PK and 1

We connect our Formative Five traits within our curriculum by reaching out to the residents of nursing and retirement communities. By visiting the elderly, students are exposed to a diverse population and develop empathy. These experiences increase their cultural awareness, assist in communication skills, and give them real life experiences in a different environment. It gives them an opportunity to serve others and do something for someone else at a young age.

PK Holiday Visits

When: Throughout the school year around holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter)

What: PK spreads holiday cheer to residents at various nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Memphis. They visit several times a year to create lasting memories and make personal connections.

Curriculum: Books about the elderly are read before a visit to help form a connection between the students and the elderly. They create cards for the residents. After each visit, the students reflect on their experience with a teacher-led discussion and write a thank you note to the facility.

1st Grade Spring Performance

When: Spring

What: Under the direction of the music teacher and first grade teachers, first grade takes the show on the road and travels to an assisted living home to perform selections from their spring musical.

Curriculum: Students continue their music education by performing for others in an unfamiliar setting. In the classrooms, prior to the performance, students discuss the importance of caring for the elderly and create cards to give to elderly residents.