Formative Five

Mission Statement and Formative Five

In 2017, Grace-St. Luke’s introduced its new character education program, The Formative Five. We believe that helping students establish these success skills is fundamental to their success in school and in all aspects of life. One of the five success skills is featured each month.

The five success skills are:

  • Empathy: learning to see the world through others’ perspectives

  • Self-control: cultivating the abilities to focus and delay self-gratification

  • Integrity: recognizing right from wrong and practicing ethical behavior

  • Embracing diversity: recognizing and appreciating human differences

  • Grit: persevering in the face of challenge

The Formative Five Rap

Performing Arts Teacher Leslie Reddick wrote GSL's very own "Formative Five Rap," giving students a fun way to remember these important skills!