How It Works

Like all independent schools, Grace-St. Luke’s depends on more than tuition to fulfill its mission. Your tax-deductible donations, particularly to the Annual Giving Campaign, are essential to maintaining and enhancing the educational experience of each student. This chart explains how GSL’s income and fundraising revenues are distributed each year:

• Your TUITION dollars pay for faculty & staff salaries and benefits, insurance, utilities, maintenance, security, books and supplies, financial aid.
• Your ANNUAL GIVING donations pay for advanced training for faculty, funding for scholarships/financial aid, technology enhancements/new equipment, campus amenities (new lights on Snowden Field, new surface for Lower School playground, etc.), endowment growth.
• Your PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION fundraisers (like the Anchor Auction, Fall Fundraiser, Box Tops, Book Fair, and more earn dollars for teacher wish lists and special projects as needed.

Ways to Give

  • Annual Fund: Raises money for supplemental purchases and for financial needs not met by tuition income. All contributions are tax deductible, and many companies offer matching gift programs. You can also use this contribution to recognize a special person or event through a memorial or honorarium. Donations may be made in several ways:
      • Cash: You may make a one-time gift or arrange a payment schedule. This is the simplest transaction option, and it allows GSL to fulfill its more immediate needs.
      • Gifts-in-Kind Your business may be able to provide services to GSL that save the school money while, possibly, earning you certain tax advantages.
      • Appreciated Securities: Use stocks or bonds. Your tax deduction is based on market value, but you incur no capital gains liability. Additionally, GSL will work with your broker to keep it simple for you.
      • Real Estate: Not all such transactions are practical for the school, but many gifts of land, vacation homes, or other income-producing properties can be quite beneficial. You can give the property outright, transfer a part sale/part gift
      • Appreciated Assets: Do you own a collection of rare books or fine art or other material asset? Sometimes these can be used to benefit an institution like GSL, based on an independent appraisal and compliance with current IRS requirements and restrictions.
      • Estate Planning & Retirement Account/Life Income Gifts: You can designate GSL as a charitable beneficiary in your will. Your financial advisor can provide further details.
  • Endowment Fund: These funds are carefully invested to generate revenues to fund current operating expenses, while earning income for the future. A strong endowment helps keep tuition levels affordable while providing resources to support scholarships and other amenities.