Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School prepares boys and girls to become creative problem solvers, confident lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in their communities and the world.

Guiding Principles

In striving to live our mission day by day, we are committed to these guiding principles:

  • to diligently cultivate a sense of belonging in our school community where each student and family feels welcome, included, and connected.

  • to discover and foster each child’s unique strengths and passions and to find ways to connect these to classroom learning.

  • to intentionally develop in each child skills and attitudes that offer a foundation for a lifetime of success.

  • to provide through our curriculum many opportunities for all students to plan and participate in meaningful service and contribution to the various communities in which they live.

School Prayer

O God, let your heavenly blessings be upon Grace-St. Luke's School, that whatsoever things are true and pure, lovely and of good report, may here flourish and abound. Inspire with love and goodness both those who teach and those who learn. Open our hearts and minds to all truth, and give us grace to serve you faithfully. We ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

School Seal and Colors

The school seal incorporates the anchor, a Christian symbol of faith and hope, and a chain, representing the interdependent linkage of students, teachers, and parents.

The school colors are red and white; accent colors are black and gold.

School Motto

"Reverentia Domini initium sapientiae est"

(The reverence of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.)