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Fourth Grade Playground Project Earns Community-Wide Recognition

Posted by Brenda Berry on November 12th, 2018

The fourth grade class appeared on two local news channels and was featured on the front page of The Commercial Appeal (above the fold!) on Friday, Nov. 9. 

The much-deserved coverage focused on how this class designed prototypes for a new playground. This project, inspired by design thinking, required students to collect data from various sources, including conducting a round of interviews with other students to seek their input. They began working on this project in August. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the students presented their concepts—which were built with styrofoam and other materials—to a contractor who will take their ideas and incorporate them into a final proposal for the new playground design. 
This is such a terrific example of our students collaborating with the entire school community to help create something that will benefit generations to come.

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