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Celebrating What Makes Miss Lee’s Great!

Posted on May 6th, 2016

It’s hard to believe that we have only a few more weeks of school left this year. As the saying goes it seems like only yesterday that I was arriving onto the GSL campus, full of excitement at what this new adventure would bring. Now I feel like GSL has always been a part of my life, and this has been a year of learning and growing not only for the preschoolers in my charge but also for myself. Miss Lee’s Preschool has always been a cornerstone of our campus and the beginning foundation of our student’s education. 

One of the big draws for coming to head the Preschool was the teaching staff. How wonderful it is to work with a group of professionals committed to early childhood education. When you have teachers, who understand what it means to teach students with the developmentally appropriate curriculum the outcome can be phenomenal! Let me share some of the reasons the preschool teachers are outstanding educators:

•    They acknowledge what children do and say in a positive manner – creating a can-do environment.

•    They encourage their students daily – going beyond praise to acknowledge their students' efforts and persistence.

•    They model and demonstrate positive ways of approaching problems and behaviors with good attitudes – sharing with student’s appropriate ways to handle peer conflicts.

•    They provoke children’s thinking by asking questions – such as the question of the day, which extends into their daily activities.

•    They are creative in their instructional approach providing students with materials, activities and ideas that let them express who they are.

These are just a small sampling of the type of interactions preschool teachers have with students on a daily basis.

Teachers at Miss Lee’s make a rich and inviting environment where students can be curious, creative, and inquire about the world around them. The Preschool continues to embody the school's mission statement to prepare boys and girls to become creative problem solvers, confident lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in their communities and the world.

As my first year here at the Preschool comes to an end, I can truly say that it has been a joy. Of course, there have been some challenging moments as with any position, but the amazing joy each child brings to the school each day has helped with those moments. Now, looking forward to what will be my second year at GSL, I can say that I’m excited to continue the initiatives started in 2015 such as the Tinker Lab, the outdoor classroom and electronic portfolio’s, but also enhancing our parent –school connection with parent book talks and family nature experiences. I hope like me you are looking forward to a secondyear filled with joy and excitement!

Now is the time to share your preschool experience with your friends and family members as we have a few select Preschool openings and would love to share what excites us about the Preschool at Miss Lee’s! 


Cynthia Burnett
Head of Preschool


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