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My Entry Into Grace-St. Luke's

Posted on September 18th, 2015

My Entry Into Grace-St. Luke's

It has been so wonderful to begin a new position in a place that exudes warmth and friendliness! From my first visit to the GSL campus, I felt the warm and friendly vibe of this community.  As the new kid on the block, I found that around every corner was a friendly smile.  As I began to meet more of the GSL family, I began to hear a common message. That message is that Grace St. Luke’s is a special place, and you will love it here.  After several months, I am learning that it is indeed a special place where connections are strong, and the teachers here are committed to the work they do with children!

I truly believe it is important to build relationships. In my first few months here it has been my goal to connect and get to know the children and their families here at Miss Lee’s. I have been visiting classrooms, reading stories, having snacks, and I even got my hands sticky doing art. This has not only given me the chance to meet my young students but also to see the teachers at work! One thing for sure, they love GSL, and they love working with children. This shows in their interactions, planning, and in how they engage each child. Oh, by the way, I was designated a Perky Penguin by the children in that class!

I believe that having teachers who are so committed to the education of young children is crucial. Our youngest children need dedicated educators to help build a strong foundation as they begin their academic career. Educators who believe in the power of play know that through play, children can problem-solve, expand their knowledge of the world around them, develop their motor skills and fine-tune their social skills. Personally, I know the impact of play can have on one’s life. Last year, I was sitting with some fellow colleagues, and somehow the conversation drifted toward how kids play or do not play these days. During the course of that conversation, the teachers began to share their memories of how they played. The more we talked, the more vivid the memories became.

What a joy we expressed as we shared how we played in creeks, rode bikes until dark, made mud pies, and caught fireflies. As we talked, I had a light bulb moment! Look at the impact that play has had on our lives.  Here we sit 40, 50, and 60 years old, and we not only remembered the play, but also could tell crystal clear stories of our interactions with our friends and the environment.

This ‘AHA’ moment took my thoughts right to the children at Miss Lee’s and how important it is to allow them to embrace their play on every level.  Taking the position as Head of Preschool at Miss Lee’s was perfect for me as I continue to be a strong proponent for play! I’m thankful for the opportunity to impact the lives here and more importantly look forward to the stories from future alumni of how they enjoyed their time playing at Miss Lee’s!

Cynthia Burnett
Head of Preschool 


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