Portrait of a Graduate

GSL graduates are innovative and willing to take risks.
Numerous opportunities are provided that allow GSL students to take intellectual and social risks, both in and out of the classroom. Students are exposed to innovative ways of learning, such as science labs, internships, and club programs.

GSL graduates have strong character.
GSL graduates take responsibility for their roles and involvement in the community. They hold each other accountable to a higher standard of ethics, resulting in kind and compassionate citizens.

GSL graduates have a love of learning that inspires them to seek knowledge.
At GSL, students acquire the tools and ambition to achieve their goals. Long after they leave, they continue to grow intellectually as a result of their curious natures.
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GSL graduates have a real-world sense of themselves and others.
By learning in a co-educational environment, GSL grads are shaped through deeply-rooted and diverse interpersonal relationships. They develop empathy, respect, and tolerance for others, as well as personal understanding of their unique roles in a dynamic, global community.

GSL graduates are spiritual while respecting the beliefs of others.
GSL students have an understanding of and focus on the Christian faith while accepting that everyone does not have the same beliefs. Respect for other religions is gained through religion classes, presentations by various speakers, and community service opportunities.