Performing Arts

For more than 20 years the Performing Arts program has been thriving in the middle school. Each grade level experiences a different aspect of the Performing Arts affording them the opportunity to develop their creative and communication skills; oral interpretation in fifth grade, creative movement and dance in sixth grade, advertising campaigns in seventh grade, and a reflective Chapel Talk delivered during a weekly chapel service in eighth grade. . Classwork is designed to help students build their self-confidence, develop an appreciation for the Performing Arts, and refine their presentation skills.

Students are also able to participate in two school productions and a Performance Lab. Each year there is a fall production, which is usually a one-act play or series of short scenarios/skits woven together thematically. In the spring, students can showcase their singing and dancing skills in the annual spring musical. Performance Lab happens during the winter trimester. It offers students the opportunity to explore different theatrical emphasizes, such as stage combat, directing, musical theater, improv or costume & lighting design, without the pressure of mounting a production. 

The Performing Arts program at GSL supports a chapter of the International Thespian Society. The ITS is an honor society that acknowledges and celebrates the hard work and achievements of students in middle and high school who have participated in theatrical endeavors at their educational institutions. Students who have participated in at least three middle school productions are invited to join the International Thespian Society Junior Thespian Troupe #88798 – Luker’s Troupers. Inductions are held each spring. 

A Middle School Thespian Award is given each year at graduation to that member of the graduating class who has exhibited excellence in professionalism and character while participating in school productions.

School Productions - Auditions, Rehearsal Schedules, Rehearsal Tracks, etc.


The spring musical is James and the Giant Peach Jr.!  We are so excited to be producing this cherished story in song.  It's the story of a little orphan boy names James who escapes the harshness of life with his aunts into a world of insects, strange happenings and a new life.

Monday December 9, 2019       3:10-5:00 PM     Performing Arts Room
Tuesday December 10, 2019    3:10-5:00 PM     Performing Arts Room

First Rehearsal
Monday December 16, 2019     3:10-5:00 PM     Performing Arts Room

Rehearsals begin proper on Wednesday January 8, 2020.  Please see the JATGP Rehearsal and Performance Schedule.

Audition Material
Each auditionee must choose a song/character from the list below to sing for the audition.  You will need to learn the song and be prepared to sing it for the audition.  Please see Ms. Reddick if you need the words on paper.

James     On Your Way Home (With Vocals)     On Your Way Home (No Vocals, Just Music)

Ladahlord     Right Before Your Eyes (With Vocals)     Right Before Your Eyes (No Vocals, Just Music)

Spiker & Sponger     I Got You (With Vocals)     I Got You (No Vocals, Just Music)

Earthworm, James     Plump & Juicy (With Vocals)     Plump & Juicy (No Vocals, Just Music)

Ladybug, Grasshopper, Spider, Earthworm     Everywhere That You Are (With Vocals)     Everywhere That You Are (No Vocals, Just Music)

Ladybug, Grasshopper, Spider, Earthworm, Centipede, James     Floatin' Along (With Vocals)     Floatin' Along (No Vocals, Just Music)

Performance Lab

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Performance Lab is an afterschool activity  (Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:10 – 5:00) that allows students the opportunity to hone their performance & technical skills without the pressure of a major production. Activities have ranged from improve to Shakespeare to costume/set/lighting design to musical theater. This year we will focus our energies on Props. We will be making props for our spring musical, James & the Giant Peach.

The dates for PL this school year are as follows:

Dec. 3 & 5
Dec. 12
Dec. 17 & 19
Jan. 7 & 9
Jan. 14 & 16
Jan. 21 & 23

Please email Ms. Reddick (lreddick [at] gslschool [dot] org) if your child would like to participate in Performance Lab this year.