Poverty - Grades JK and 2

By understanding the concept of poverty, students will begin to have empathy for others who aren’t as fortunate.  Through service learning, students will actively help others in the Memphis community in an age appropriate way.

JK Holiday Bake Sale

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When: Christmas

What: JK host a bake sale to purchase Christmas presents for a family in need. After the event, teachers use the proceeds to purchase gifts for the selected family. Students have the opportunity to see the gifts and to understand the impact of their hard work. In the past, the bake sale has benefited families through The Exchange Club and Salvation Army.

Curriculum: JK students work hard and use a variety of skills to help with their project. Students use math as they measure and learn how to follow the recipes to bake the brownies. They learn about marketing as they practice writing and drawing to make posters advertising the event. They also use math and public speaking skills as they sell the brownies to middle school students and then count the money earned.  

2nd Grade Socktober!

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When: October

What: During the month of October, second grade hosts Socktober, a lower-school wide sock drive typically collecting more than 800 pairs of socks. Socktober has benefited the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, Constance Abbey, and the Memphis Juvenile Courts. 

Curriculum: After learning about the impact of clean socks within the homeless community, students create posters, make announcements during chapel, graph weekly sock collections, and write stories about Socktober. Students deliver the socks (stuffed with hygiene items) to a local soup kitchen, help make sandwiches, and decorate the dining room for Thanksgiving.