Supporting the Saints Community

Like all independent schools, Grace-St. Luke’s depends on more than tuition to fulfill its mission. Your tax-deductible donations, particularly to the Annual Fund, are essential to maintaining and enhancing the educational experience of each student. This is how income and fundraising revenues are distributed each year:

  • Your TUITION dollars pay for faculty & staff salaries and benefits, insurance, utilities, maintenance, security, and books and supplies. 

  • Your ANNUAL FUND donations provide classroom enhancements such as laptops, help with facilities and maintenance needs — something that is always needed on our well-aged campus, and support the teachers, our most important asset. 

  • Your PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION fundraisers (like the Anchor Auction and Charleston Wrap fall fundraiser) earn dollars for teacher wish lists and special projects as needed.

To make a pledge or donation please click here.

For more information, please call the Advancement Department at 901-278-0200 or email: 

Brenda Berry, Director of Advancement
Sherry Emerson, Associate Director of Advancement
Kate Shelton, Advancement Associate