2020-21 Annual Fund: The Year for Giving with Grace

The Behnkes Louise Kathleen Harper Schorr Libby

Raising money can be an intimidating job in normal times. Raising money during a pandemic? Frightful. 

Yet if you know the Behnkes, it will come as no surprise that they accepted the role of this year’s annual fund chairs with open arms.

GSL parents Kathleen and Schorr Behnke have been actively involved in GSL since their daughter Harper ’22 entered PK in 2011. The couple also has twin daughters at GSL, Libby ‘27 and Louise ’27.

A native Memphian, Kathleen went on to Colgate University in Hamiltion, N.Y. for her undergraduate degree, where she met Schorr. He was also attending Colgate for an undergraduate degree after graduating from Country Day School in St. Louis. After Colgate, Kathleen and Schorr lived in New York City, San Francisco, and Denver. Together, the young couple decided to settle down in Memphis as they pursued medical and nursing school at University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Today, Kathleen is a Nurse Practitioner for the Engbretson Center for Women, and Schorr is a Pediatric Radiologist with Memphis Radiological Professional Corporation, which staffs the Methodist Hospital Systems.

In a non-pandemic world, the Behnke family loves to ski, travel, hike, fly fish, camp, and explore. In addition to these activities, the Behnke family is involved with several local organizations including Church Health, Levitt Shell, Overton Park Conservancy, and New Ballet Ensemble. Schorr is currently on the MetroCare Board, and Kathleen has been a member of the LeBonheur Club for more than ten years. She has also actively served the Parents’ Association (P.A.) for several years as a room parent, fall fundraiser chair, trivia night chair, and as the 2018-19 P.A. President.

The Behnkes shard that “as a family, we have found that the more we put into our school, the more reward and connection we feel to our GSL community.”

Which brings us back to their involvement as this year’s annual fund chairs. 

While some might see fundraising during a pandemic as an added challenge, the Behnkes, in their forever optimistic outlook on life, see it as an opportunity.

“GSL has consistently been a source of strength for our children in a time of great uncertainty,” Kathleen and Schorr said. “Our hope is that the GSL community will value the gift that GSL is to all of our families, and join us as we work toward making GSL an even better, brighter place." 

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