Annual Giving

Like all independent schools, Grace-St. Luke’s depends on more than tuition to fulfill its mission. Your tax-deductible donations, particularly to the Annual Giving Campaign, are essential to maintaining and enhancing the educational experience of each student. This chart explains how GSL’s income and fundraising revenues are distributed each year:

  • Your TUITION dollars pay for faculty & staff salaries and benefits, insurance, utilities, maintenance, security, books and supplies, financial aid.
  • Your ANNUAL GIVING donations pay for advanced training for faculty, funding for scholarships/financial aid, technology enhancements/new equipment, campus amenities (new lights on Snowden Field, new surface for Lower School playground, etc.), endowment growth.
  • Your PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION fundraisers (like the Anchor Auction, Fall Fundraiser, Box Tops, Book Fair, and more earn dollars for teacher wish lists and special projects as needed.