GSL's 2017-18 Annual Report

GSL's 70th Anniversary Marked by Generosity
Back in 1947, Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School was started more on a wing and a prayer than on a budget. Mrs. S. Griffin Walker had just started the kindergarten, which operated out of the church’s parish house. She prepared the children’s lunches herself and brought them to school daily from her home. Seventy years later, GSL thrives on a tight but efficient multi-million dollar budget with additional donations to the annual fund, proving that the school’s families are both grateful and generous.

GSL’s 70th anniversary year was one of several celebratory events, most notably the 4thAll-Saints Reunion, which attracted more than 300 alumni (see page 16-17 for photos)! In addition to reconnecting long-time friends and associations, the combination anniversary-reunion seemed to inspire more alumni gifts to the Annual Fund than ever before. 

In fact, under the “medical team” of Drs. Ruth & Kurt Patton, chairs of the 2017-2018 Annual Fund, the Annual Fund continued its healthy economic growth, setting a new record (again) in GSL donations. Parents of Bauer (8th grade) and Glover (5th grade), Ruth and Kurt have been longtime, loyal supporters of GSL, and their vision and enthusiasm served to inspire their fellow parents as well as grandparents, alumni, church members and other supporters of Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School. 

Thank you, Ruth and Kurt Patton, for heading up the Annual Fund team this year.

Annual Fund Recap

Goal: $275,000 in Unrestricted Gifts

The fundraising goal for the 2017-2018 Annual Fund was $275,000 in unrestricted donations. The final tally? $295,603.84! Combined with restricted gifts of $29,643.84, the Annual Fund generated a grand total of $325,547.80!

  • 100% of the faculty and staff made donations
  • 20% of the faculty and staff are Lead Donors (people who contribute $500 or more)
  • 100% of the Board of Trustees made donations – all of them lead level
  • 69% of GSL’s parents contributed to the 2017-2018 Annual Fund
  • 22% of the total dollars raised came from grandparents, contributing $63,325
  • GSL had 158 lead donors, giving $500 or more

Parents’ Association Achieves Record-Breaking Year

All parents and guardians at Grace-St. Luke’s are automatically members of the Parents’ Association, but the organization is directed by a small, dedicated, high-energy group of volunteers who spend almost as much time on campus as they do at work or home. From fun-to-funds, the GSL Parents’ Association overseas 16 major events during the year. This year’s P.A. President Jeni Linkous (mother of Lilly ’18 and Maggie, 6th grade, and wife of Jamie Linkous) kept her team inspired and on-task as they raised a grand total of $97,610 for teacher wish list items–and more. This record-breaking sum was used for the following:

  • $57,000: Teacher wish list items
  • $17,500: The redesign and furnishing of two new Middle School classrooms
  • $4,710: The school’s Anchor Fund Endowment   
  • $4,000: The purchase and installation of three new microwaves in the cafeteria
  • $14,000: Lemaster Playground capital improvement fund                                       

Some of the most profitable projects of 2017-2018 included (net): 

  • Anchor Auction (chaired by Natalie Davis & Mandy Chauhan) - $74,000
  • Fall Fundraiser/Wrapping Paper Sales (chaired by Lauren Scrugham & Susan Mascolino)- $18,400 
  • Spirit Wear (chaired by Christina Ross, Mimmie Fisher & Hayley Hudson) - $4,169
  • Trivia Night (chaired by Brooke Shannon & Michelle Couch):$2,310 
  • Box Tops (chaired by Jennifer Fundo & Stacy Smith): $1,100

Alumni Association: “The Big One” in May

GSL alumni, under the leadership of the GSL Alumni Association Board chaired by Ann Burruss Prascher ’98, enjoyed a memorable year focused primarily on its first all-class reunion in four years. (There have been four All-Saints Reunions since the Alumni Association was established 15 years ago.) The 2018 All-Saints Reunion (a.k.a. The Big One) was held in the Anchor Center on May 11 and included tours of the campus and the presentation of the Outstanding Alumni Award. The 2018 recipient was Mitch Graves ‘79. The event attracted an estimated 350 alumni aged 21 and older. Considering that Grace-St. Luke’s had a high school for a very few, short years, it’s impressive that the majority of former students in attendance attended GSL mostly as adolescents and pre-teens. Few, if any, “elementary schools” can claim that kind of loyalty! 

2017-18 Grace-St. Luke’s Donors

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the contributors to the Annual Fund. 

Please click here for the list of donors.