Volunteerism - Grades 4 & 8

Volunteerism focuses on the desire to donate time and energy for the benefit of other people in our community. The goal is to instill in our children social responsibility without the expectation of recognition or reward.

4th Grade First Responders Breakfast

4th Grade First Responders Breakfast

When: Early fall

What: Students plan and host a First Responders Breakfast for police, EMS, and firefighters in the Memphis community. They have the opportunity to interact with first-responders and learn about their job.

Curriculum: Students use their skills to write letters inviting first responders to the breakfast, research various jobs, make favors for attendees, and create posters for the event.

8th Grade LeBonheur Experience

When: Christmas

What: Students collect toys for patients, then travel to the hospital to deliver the toys to the patients and their families. While there, students tour the facilities and learn more about various aspects of hospital life. 

Curriculum: Students are exposed to a wide variety of careers leading into 8th grade internships. This experience develops the formative five qualities of empathy and integrity by interacting with Le Bonheur families.